Protext v6.7 full feature list


Word Processing

Add column or row of figures
     * simply move the cursor over numbers on screen to add them up
Block operations
     * move, copy, delete, save, print, count words in block
     * define a block with keyboard or by dragging mouse
     * copy line
Box manipulation
     * move, copy, or delete any box as well as blocks
Cursor movement
     * by character, word, line, sentence,  paragraph, screen, page, to
       start or end of text, start or end of line, to line or column or
       page number, to place marker, margin, previous position
Deleting text
     * forwards or back by character,  word,  to  start/end of line, to
       start/end of sentence, marked block
     * makes full use of all available displays including 43 or 50 line
       displays where available, text and graphics displays
     * switch between insert/overwrite as required
     * convert character or word to upper or lower case
     * swap adjacent characters
File selector
     * large window 'point and shoot' file selection
     * Amiga and ST have option to use other file selectors
     * mark several files for copying, deleting or loading
     * shows number and size of marked files
     * directory map
Find & replace
     * very powerful and fast with many  options.  All or part of text,
       forwards/backwards,  whole  word  or   part,  wildcards,  ignore
       spaces, case  specific  or  not,  nth  occurrence,  find control
       codes, single key for next/previous find
     * position cursor on a word, find that word forwards or backwards
     * search all open documents or files on disk
     * abbreviations for commonly used phrases, glossary editor
     * easy to use and helpful on screen help
     * full topic list
     * automatic hyphenation
     * soft hyphens and non-break hyphens
     * string any sequence of commands together on a single key
     * easy to use macro recording
     * load and save macro files
     * macro editor
     * block markers, 10 place markers, multiple markers
     * pull down menus, dialogue boxes  and  alert  boxes, menus may be
       used with mouse or keyboard.
Multi-file editing
     * up to 36 documents in memory, copy text between them
Split screen
     * view two files simultaneously, variable size windows
Status info
     * clear status line gives  useful  information including filename,
       page line and column, marker settings and options, current style
     * line drawing
     * useful symbols available with simple keystroke
Time and date
     * enter into the text with a single keystroke
     * retrieve text deleted in error


     * acute, breve,  caron  (h cek),  cedilla,  circumflex,  diaeresis
       (umlaut), double acute,  grave,  macron,  ogonek, overdot, ring,
       tilde. Various special characters such as l-slash are provided.
Characters provided for these languages
     * Albanian,  Basque,  Catalan,  Czech,   Danish,  Dutch,  English,
       Esperanto,   Estonian,   Flemish,   Finnish,   French,   German,
       Hungarian,  Icelandic,   Irish,   Italian,   Latin,  Lithuanian,
       Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak,
       Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh.
     * French, German and Swedish dictionaries available.
Keyboard layouts
     * USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway,
       Portugal, Iceland.

Layout and Formatting

Document settings dialogue
     * set margins in inches or cm
     * headers and footers
     * document formatting options
Footnotes and endnotes
     * any number of lines,  automatically  formatted,  endnotes may be
       printed at any point in the document. Footnote style.
Formatted layout
     * any number of ruler lines  to  define document layout, unlimited
       line width.
     * widow and orphan elimination
     * blank line suppression
     * automatic reformatting either as you type or on moving cursor
     * format paragraph or whole text,  centre  line, word wrap on/off,
       right justify on/off
Headers and footers
     * up to 9  lines  of  text,  different  even  and  odd headers and
       footers possible, automatic page  numbering  (decimal or Roman).
       Separate styles for header and footer.
Indent tabs
     * indent a paragraph without inserting a new ruler line
Inter-paragraph space
     * you can leave 1 lines between paragraphs
Line spacing
     * any multiple of 0.01 line
     * all margin sizes variable, separate even and odd margins
Paragraph numbering
     * any number of levels possible, Roman numeral option
     * print to screen to check layout
     * soft spaces and non-break spaces
     * set up a font name, point size, font spacing and control
     * style editor
     * special style codes to revert to previous and default style
     * any number of normal, decimal and centre tabs on ruler line
     * on-screen bold, underlining, italics


Background printing
     * Simultaneously print and edit
     * Proportionally justifies any mixture of printer fonts
     * Scalable fonts
     * Variable line spacing
     * Font sensitive underlining
Newspaper-style column printing
     * automatically formats text into separate columns (snaking)
Printer drivers
     * wide range of dot matrix, inkjet and laser printers
     * PostScript driver included
Printing options
     * single sheets/continuous, first and  last  page to print, number
       of copies, quality/draft, to screen printer or file, odd or even
     * proper quotes
Printing styles
     * bold,  italics,  quality,   subscript,  superscript,  underline,
       colours, others depending on printer
Typewriter mode
     * direct printing for envelopes etc.

Spelling checker, Thesaurus and Auto-Correct

     * Automatically replaces words as typed
     * Use for spelling corrections or abbreviations
     * Capitalises proper nouns and sentences
     * Fixes two capitals at start of word
     * Learn correction while spell checking

     * 110,000+ word Collins dictionary
     * includes legal and medical supplements
     * very fast phonetic word suggestion
     * anagrams and find word pattern.
Spell checking
     * spell check as you type or check whole text or block
     * spell ignore marker
     * spell check on/off or change language at any point in text
     * repeated word and capital letter checks
     * 43,000 entry points and 827,000 responses
     * select synonym from list to insert into text
     * inflects words and gives parts of speech
User dictionary
     * user dictionary - add words to the dictionary or create your own
     * user dictionary editor
     * exclusion dictionary - veto words in main dictionary

General Features

ASCII files
     * saves 3 different ASCII file formats
Automatic timed save
     * configurable time interval
     * built in floating point calculator
Command line
     * alternative to menu  for  command  entry,  previous commands are
       stored and can be recalled with cursor keys, access to system or
       DOS commands and other programs
     * most features and settings can be configured to your preferences
       with the easy to use configuration menus
Disc utilities
     * copy  files,  erase,  rename,  type,  create  directory,  change
       directory, remove directory
Exec files
     * store a sequence of commands in  a  file to enable automation of
       any process
File conversion
     * flexible file conversion utility for other WP files
File finder
     * scan disk to find location of a file or files
File sorting utility
     * with special options for names and addresses
Graphics import
     * PCX, GIF, GEM IMG and Amiga IFF
     * scaling, centring, inversion
     * pre-processing of image for rapid printing
     * graphics viewer (colour or mono)
     * colour printing
     * automatically generated from marked text
Number lines
     * add or remove line numbers
Program mode
     * program editing mode suppresses formatting
     * auto indent mode ideal for source code and configurable tabs
Table of contents
     * automatically generated from headings in text
Word count
     * quick count at any time
     * document analysis including frequency of use and number of words

Special options

Sticky key option
     * Protext may be used with one-finger key presses
WordStar keyboard option
     * for those familiar with the WordStar interface

Mail merge and Programming language

The most  comprehensive  mail  merge  program  available.  Use  it for 
labels, personalised 'standard  letters',  club  membership lists, and 
much more:

* read data from files from any database or spreadsheet program
* ask for variables from keyboard
* display message while printing
* include file for printing
* reformat whilst printing
* conditional printing and repeat-until loop constructs
* numeric calculations and string expressions including substrings
* commands to record information to a separate file
* full date and day calculations
* operators +,-,*,/,<,>,<=,>=,=,<>,IN,NOTIN,AND,OR,NOT
* Roman numeral output - upper or lower case
* self incrementing variables
* special variables for time and date
* mail merge directly from Prodata files


* 190 page User Manual
* 160 page Reference Manual

System Requirements

*IBM PC compatible MS-DOS 3.0 or later, Windows 95 or Windows NT
640K RAM, hard disk. Uses XMS or EMS memory if available.
*Atari ST with at least 1Mb RAM, Atari TT
*Commodore Amiga with at least 1Mb RAM

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